Filme Completo – Niggas’ Revenge

 Niggas’ Revenge is a 2001 controversial 113-minute gay pornographic film produced and directed by Dick Wadd starring Bobby Blakeand Flex-Deon Blake in their last film together. In his autobiography My Life in Porn, Bobby Blake consecrated a whole chapter for this specific film explaining some of his motives describing it as “an expensive movie and the most powerful movie of my life” adding: “It’s also one of the most controversial adult films ever made, and that’s what I wanted it to be – I had decided this was to be my last film, and I wanted to take it to the limit.”

Three neo-Nazi supremacists (Dallas Chalmers and his white “posse” Chane Adams and Bud Cockerham) go to the residence of the Blakes (Bobby Blake and his brother Chris Blake and Flex-Deon Blake) and shout racial slurs, harassing and bullying them in an attempt to get them to leave the neighborhood. However, the muscular black neighbors have finally had enough and get their revenge on the white harassers. They capture them and put them in a cage. Then they proceed to beat them up, urinate on them and sexually degrade and torture them until they completely break down and submit to the power of their black masters. The film is violent with scenes of BDSMrimmingpissingfisting and verbal abuse. They also invite Eric Top Stud, a light-skinned Puerto Rican stud to take part in abusing the neo-Nazis. There are also scenes of taboo incest between Chris and Bobby Blake with Chris being the sole submissive black in the film.

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