Filme Completo – Latino Boys – Campamentos




























Starring:  Nereo Lacour, Horacio Nanciares, Beto Cabarcas, Leonel Dalimonti, Hernan Garlarzo, Emanuel Ibagon, Adul Abaunza, Otoniel Benjumea, Juan Turbay, Anibal Rada
Director:  Roberto Escorda
No, it is not only sex that keep us together. It is overflowing and frenetic lust. It is an insane and intense pleasure. These ten good looking boys, in the middle of a liberating game in the mountain, frankly, out of control, energetically and morbidly, submit their greedy bodies to a vibrant ceremony of dark and cheerful passions; to touch their most intimate erotic pulses, to extremely enjoy their starving assholes, to enjoy their stiff dicks to the maximum – and to finally swallow their boiling masculine juices, among a pile of wet kisses.

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