Ensaio Completo – Bang Bang Boys – Marcello Mastro & Flavio Canto

















































































































Ensaio Completo – Bang Bang Boys – Marcello Mastro & Flavio Canto

Whilst the view is pretty amazing on the balcony for Marcelo and Flavio there’s no denying that Flavio just wants to get a taste of 
Marcelo’s legendary bare cock in his tight white ass.The come inside and Marcelo teases Flavio 
nipples with his tongue. Flavio then dives on top of Marcelo’s meaty monster with his lips – attempting to deepthroat it and covering it all in waves of spit to get it nice and wet. Speaking of getting things wet – Marcelo moistens Flavio’s hole with his tongue – now
 his cock and the ass are wet it’s time to enter Flavio’s man pussy. It’s not an easy task to take Marcelo’s cock quickly.
At first it’s a slow process but then once in Marcelo starts to increase the speed. Flavio
 jumps on top and Marcelo’s raw dick disappears deep inside. Ay ay ay that thing is huge and Flavio is enjoying every single inch.
Lying on his back the look of the hunky Flavio’s rippling abs is too much for Marcelo and he cums all over the now well used hole.

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