Clássico Raro – Filme Completo – Internat Anno 1900 – Parte 1


           Clássico Raro – Internat Anno 1900 – Parte 1 

Internats are Boarding Schools for the children of wealthy parents from around the world. In Internat Anno 1900 1 we get an inside glimpse at what an all-boys Internat might have been at the turn of the century. Watch as these just young lads indoctrinate a few new arrivals and also marvel at the ten-guy romp in the showers! Bel Ami star Kristian Jensen is featured in one of his earliest appearances, as is the gorgeous Peter Azur. Cast: Giorgio D’Napoli, Rene L’Amour, Peter Azur, Pavel Kant, Kristian Jensen, Martin Vance, Others.

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