Bentley Race: Billy Summers



Billy Summers met up with Zac last week to try out for his very first porn shoot.  21 year old Billy from Brisbane was visiting Melbourne during his holidays and found Zac cruising on Grindr.  Billy’s looked pretty cute in his pics so Zac talked him in to dropping around to model for him.  Billy is totally a naughty boy and loves dressing up.  Zac tells me that he turned up wearing his school tie.  He really looked like a naughty school boy so he kept it on during the shoot.  It’s a shame that Billy shaved his pubic hair for this scene.  He has a bit of a rash from shaving down there.  But I’m quickly distracted by that big uncut cock he’s pulling out of his undies.  He quickly works himself erect before giving the fleshlight a go.  He told Zac that’s it’s the first time he’s tried one of these out.  Billy Summers is really cute as he plays with his cock while still wearing his school tie.  I reckon this is not the first time Billy has gotten off in a school uniform.  I’m glad he dropped in to hang out with Zac.  His photos are really hot.

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