Beefcakehunter – Getting pounded by Thomas

This time, I also venture to lick his nipples, and I was surprised that he allowed me to do that… hmm that was really enjoyable…
I tried to get him to different positions. We did doggy style, missionary (which almost made him cum), but I stopped him for the sake of one final position that was a bit risky, because it was in the balcony at the hotel, where some other guests would have a glance of BeefCakeHunter in action! Lol. That was really hot for me, I liked the fact that I saw people passing by, while I was been drilled, plus, I really enjoy been penetrated standing up, besides feeling the fresh touch of 18 years old Beefcake Thomas. Too bad that he “came” too soon in that position… I would have taken his cock for hours! Finally, I tasted the salty cum of this Florida beach dude…I hope you guys enjoy this video, and stay tuned, there will be more of Beefcake Thomas!

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